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With Graduations, First Communions, and Confirmations flooding our diocesan Facebook feed, we want to share them all! Sharing posts from the parishes, schools, and Catholic Charities agencies in our Diocese is a great way to increase their reach and spread the Good News.

However, our discipline at the Diocese of Youngstown is to space out our posts over the course of the day and week. One option is to log into Facebook at an exact time (for example, 1:00pm) and share the post to our Facebook page at that very moment. Or we can schedule posts in advance, but not while in the Facebook feed.

Since Facebook does not provide the “Schedule” option when sharing posts from the feed, here is a workaround:

1. In the Facebook feed, find the post and click “Share.”
2. One of the share options is “Copy Link”
3. Open Meta Business Suite and create a new post. 
4. Select only the Facebook account, deselect Instagram:
5. Click “Link preview” and paste the link into the pop-up.
6. Under Scheduling Options, click “Schedule” and proceed as normal.​

With all these steps, I am not sure know how much time scheduling a shared a post would actually save you, but it is technically possible. Personally, I keep one browser window or tab open with the Facebook feed, and then another browser window or tab with Meta Business Suite and that makes the process go a little faster.

We hope this will help Catholic organizations find inspiration by sharing each other’s content. This will be especially important as parishes merge into shared administrative units. You can start introducing the communities to each other by sharing posts on Facebook!

Thank you for being a beacon of hope and a font of mercy for our world today.

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Picture of Meagen Farrell

Meagen Farrell

Meagen Farrell is an author, trainer, and woodworker who lives with her husband and boys in Northeast Ohio. She serves as the Communications Manager for the Diocese of Youngstown to help Catholics of all ages to grow in faith, love and charity. Her personal hobbies include reading, swimming and supporting local businesses. Before transitioning to religious education, she spent most of her career in the field of adult basic education, helping fellow educators find a balance between face-to-face and digital instruction. Her best known publication is "Teaching Adults: A GED Test Resource Book" by New Readers Press. She is currently certified in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) levels I, II & III. Meagen earned her BA in Religion from Oberlin College, Certificate in Distance Education from Penn State University, MA in Theology and Religious Studies from John Carroll University, and is currently pursuing her PhD in Educational Technology at Kent State University.
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