Monitoring your Parish/School/Catholic agency Social Media Accounts

A growing number of social media platforms are being “trolled” by bots and scammers. The larger your reach, the increased chance that you will be “hit.” A few trends include:

  • Posts requesting “friends” (i.e., your comment caught my attention, and you look so beautiful in your profile picture, but it would be rude to request you as a friend so would you please send me a friend request?)
  • Posts selling items (sweatshirts, banners, cups, etc.) with your organizations name on it but some generic logo or graphic
  • “@Everyone you will be interested in this video or website”
  • And the random emergency requests that used to be in emails, but have spread to socials, asking for money or gift cards to help your pastor, principal or director or your organization in general.

In addition to any anti-Catholic, negative or hateful comments that are posted, these all need to be hidden or deleted, and repeat offenders may need to be blocked. The good news is that when you block an account on Facebook, that blocks all the repeat offended posts on your site (so you do not have to go through each and every post they’ve made. Seriously, one such spammer posted 37 different posts in one hour and was easily removed!) If you need assistance with how to do these processes, feel free to contact Cindee Case, Social Media Minister,



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Picture of Cindee Case

Cindee Case

Cindee Case is Consultant for the Office of Faith Formation & Lay Ecclesial Ministry in the Diocese of Youngstown. She has more than three decades of service in youth ministries and young adult ministries, and became the Diocese of Youngstown's first Social Media Minister in 2021. Cindee holds a Bachelor's degree from Kent State University in Behavioral Sciences and a Master of Pastoral Studies degree from Loyola University of New Orleans. Cindee can be reached at and (330) 744-8451 ext. 280.
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